About the Book

The eighteen townlands included in this local history form half of Killygarvan Parish and lie north of Rathmullan, Co. Donegal. Ireland.

Published by a group of local authors, taking two years to write but three lifetimes to research it deals with the story, culture and traditions of the people of these townlands, within their own special and unique landscape.

In 1834, Lieutenant William Lancey, an official engaged in the Ordnance Survey of Ireland described the area between Oughterlin and Lough Swilly as follows;

“The view from the Kinagar towards Crohan at the setting sun is worthy of notNew Book_buy.jpgice and the neighbourhood of Saltpans, McAmish Lower and the valley of Carrowdoan, combining sea, lakes, rocks and woodlands, affords a rich Variety”.

The richness of variety referred to, extends beyond the scenic landscape to the people and their way of life in the townlands from Oughterlin to Lough Swilly. Aspects of that rich variety, with particular reference to the first half of the 20th century, are explored in this informative and well-illustrated publication.


Click here to find out how to purchase a copy of “Oughterlin to Lough Swilly:A Local History”



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